Sometimes on a warm summer’s night when the moon is full and the stars are bright, 

I remember… and  I wonder:

 on this cold winter’s night when the clouds are dense and snow falls white –

do you remember too? 

A time of sunshine, a time of rain,

a time of youth, a time of pain

a time of laughter, sadness, fondness, madness-

 Do you remember?  

 time of care, extraordinary and rare- 

it was just always there –

like two peas in a pod, opposites, de lot!  

Sometimes, on a warm summer’s night  when the moon is full and the stars are bright,

I remember.    

About seegogga

Soos 'n krappie op die strand, trap ek spoortjies in die sand. Dalk sien jy iets, dalk niets. Wie sal raai hoe die wind gaan waai?
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2 Responses to sometimes

  1. Kameel sê:

    Yes, I remember.

  2. seegogga sê:

    Don’t we all have such sweet memories!

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